Newsletter Inspfalca. Year IV – Edition LIV. May 2016


Dear readers this time we want to highlight the importance of sharing lesson learned, industry best practices and specific experiences of owner / users and vendors.  Here in Inspfalca we see this monthly newsletter as the venue and vehicle to exercise more sharing with you our community of knowledge.

 431 Descargas

In this issue we are including interesting information from industry conferences that occurred during the second quarter of 2016; the American Petroleum Institute (API) Spring Meeting on Refining Standards (May 16 – 19 / Chicago, IL); the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) National Safety Conference (Mayo 17 – 18 / San Antonio, TX) and the International Liquid Terminal Association (ILTA) 36th Annual International Operating Conference and Trade show (May 23 – 25 / Houston, TX)

In our effort to keep our team and our readers current with the new technology, all the discussions and the sharing that occur in these conference; we maintain active presence in these conferences sending our very own representatives and also activating our consultant affiliates.
The more we engage with new technology, the more we participate in industry discussions, the more we share, the more we learn, the more we improve toward excellence in safety and quality.

Francesco Solari
Inspfalca President.