Newsletter Inspfalca. Year IV -Edition LIII. April 2016

In this issue I want to share with all the satisfaction and appreciation of their support for this our Newsletter Inspfalca. This initiative that we started counting on you has resulted in this success that we all celebrate and enjoy – Thank you!  

 337 Descargas

Highly appreciated have been timely and accurate feedback we have been receiving from you, which has become the true raw material has allowed us to shape the newsletter to our community what readers want and need. At this level I want to invite you to go forward with us and to share the challenge. Let’s all do our interaction more dynamic, we will maximizing the use of Network Inspfalca to discuss and exchange ideas on articles published in this Bulletin and to generate new items – Come on – we count on you.

In this issue we are addressing topics on complex interactions of degradation mechanisms and system failures that in synergistic effect have resulted in catastrophic failures of very severe consequences.

We are also analyzing how complacency becomes the human contributor factor of greater impact on the occurrence of failures, something easy to say but difficult to manage.

Francesco Solari
Inspfalca President.